The ideal

Tour for You.

choose your pace

Half Day 4 hours around 75km, opt for a swift and compact journey to taste Madeira’s charm.

Full Day 8 hours around 160km, unrushed and unforgettable it’s your day to embrace the Island’s full wonder.

Custom Your Tour.

Available upon your request. Please contact us about your preferences and special interests and your own, tailor made Madeira Private Tour will be designed especially for you.

Also we are always open to provide plenty of suggestions!

Madeira Private Tours offers unique tours away from standard itineraries and large groups, taking you to inaccessible places for buses and allowing flexible stops for any need.

Enjoy competitive prices, personal attention and professional service from your dedicated driver/guide, ensuring a custom, individual experience.

Why go Private?

Fanal Forest Madeira Island


Per Vehicle.

1 to 3 passengers

Half Day (+- 4 hours): 75€

Full Day (+- 8 hours): 135€

4 to 8 passengers

Half Day (+- 4 hours): 85€

Full Day (+- 8 hours): 155€

Fanal Forest Madeira Island

9 to 16 passengers

Half Day (+- 4 hours): 170€

Full Day (+- 8 hours): 280€

Different Kind

of Madeira Private Tour

Madeira Folklore Typical Evening

40€ per Person

Experience the flavors and culture of Madeira with our “Madeira Typical Evening” dinner. Indulge in the traditional espetada, tender beef or chicken marinated in garlic and bay leaves, skewered, and grilled over wood. Accompany your meal with milho frito, salad, and freshly baked bread.

During dinner, immerse yourself in a live Madeira Folklore dance performance, reflecting Madeira’s traditional dance and vibrant history.

Wine Tasting, Lunch &

Fajã dos Padres Cable Car

150€ per Person

Join the Madeira Wine and Culture Tour to explore vineyards, taste various Madeira wines and enjoy a traditional lunch. Experience breathtaking views, ride the cable car to Fajã dos Padres, and witness nature’s elegance.

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