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Discover the East Tour featuring iconic “A” framed houses and be over the clouds at Pico do Arieiro. Explore the pristine Laurissilva forest, quaint villages like Faial and Port da Cruz and admire Ponta de Sao Lourenço’s stunning rock formations.

Points of Interest

  • Pico do Arieiro
  • Ribeiro Frio
  • Santana A-Framed Houses
  • Ponta de São Lourenço
  • and much more!


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  • French
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Vehicle 1 to 4 pax


Vehicle 5 to 8 pax

Tour Itinerary


Home to Portugal’s first organized football game in 1875. Nestled on a high plateau northeast of Funchal, Camacha offers orchards, blue agapanthus, and a rich cultural heritage.

Pico do Arieiro

Ascend on the Madeira East Tour towards Pico Arieiro, the island’s third highest peak at 1818m. Experience the transition from lush woodland to rugged cliffs, offering stunning vistas and rare Madeira junipers on descent.

Ribeiro Frio

Leaving Pico Areiro continuing your journey up hill, through small terraces lining the road where you can find all types of fruits before you reach the Madeira Laurissilva Forest. Ribeiro Frio is a delightful spot set among the Laurissilva forest. This Forest was classified in the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999. Here the fresh clean cold water of the Ribeiro Frio (meaning cold river) are channelled into series of deep pools to create a small trout farm.

Santana A-Framed Houses

Next, visit the charming village of Santana, showcasing domestic and agricultural richness. Green terraced fields and orchards adorn the landscape, with unique triangular thatched buildings once used as cow sheds. Explore their spacious interiors.

Porto da Cruz

On the North Coast, nestled at the foot of Penha d’Aguia rock amid steep terraced slopes. Discover the active sugar mill, scenic sea promenade, maze-like alleys, and evolving café scene, renowned for its wine.

Pico do Facho

Machico Bay, where Madeira was first discovered, boasts a unique valley resembling a balcony overlooking sea and mountains. Vital for sugar cane and mills until the 17th century, its eastern side is watched over by Pico do Facho, named for its historic pirate-warning beacon.

Ponta de São Lourenço

Ponta de São Lourenço marks the easternmost point of the island. The climate around Caniçal and São Lourenço resembles that of Porto Santo. Unique vegetation and stunning rock formations adorn this area, offering simultaneous views of the north and south coasts, with Porto Santo visible on clear days.

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