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Explore the Laurissilva forest at Ribeiro Frio, enjoy an easy 30-minute walk along a levada with stunning views of Faial’s valley. Visit an impressive monument with panoramic views of Funchal Bay, and reach Pico Arieiro, Madeira’s third highest peak, at 1818 meters.

Points of Interest

  • Monte Toboggan Ride
  • Terreiro da Luta Viewpoint
  • Pico do Arieiro
  • Laurissilva Forest
  • Botanical Gardens


  • English
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Spanish


Vehicle 1 to 4 pax


Vehicle 5 to 8 pax

Tour Itinerary

Toboggan Ride or visit Monte

The Monte Toboggan involves sliding in a wicker basket mounted on wooden runners. It covers the 2 km (1.24 miles) descent from Monte to Funchal in 10 minutes. The trip is enjoyed by thousands every year, drawn by the exhilarating experience of traveling at speed down a public highway on a wooden sled. Ernest Hemingway once described it as “exhilarating.” A cushioned seat softens the ride, with passengers in the safe hands of toboggan drivers, who steer from the rear using their rubber-soled boots as brakes. Madeiran Tobogganing, invented as a form of transportation in 1850, offers a unique and thrilling way to experience the island.

The price for the tobbogan ride is NOT include in the price

Open Daily – Monday to Saturday 9h00 to 17h45

Closed – Every Sunday, 1st January, 14th & 15th of August and 25th December

Ticket Prices per Sled (payment directly to operator in cash):

  • 27.50€ (Single Person)
  • 35.00€ (Two Persons)
  • 47.50€ (Three Persons)

Terreiro da Luta Viewpoint

In the direction of the mountains, passing through a dense forest of mimosas trees, reaching this impressive hillside monument, which overlooks the whole bay of Funchal. It consists of a massive monument of the Virgin Maria, lady of peace. The monument was created in 1927. It is over 5 mts (17 ft) high and weighs 20 ton.

Pico do Arieiro

Ascend towards Pico Arieiro, the island’s third highest peak at 1818m. Experience the transition from lush woodland to rugged cliffs, offering stunning vistas and rare Madeira junipers on descent.

Laurissilva Forest

Leaving Pico Areiro continuing your journey up hill, through small terraces lining the road where you can find all types of fruits before you reach the Madeira Laurissilva Forest. Ribeiro Frio is a delightful spot set among the Laurissilva forest. This Forest was classified in the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999. Here the fresh clean cold water of the Ribeiro Frio (meaning cold river) are channelled into series of deep pools to create a small trout farm.

Botanical Gardens

Nestled between northern mountains and southern seas, Funchal’s Botanical Garden spans 8 hectares near the city center. Home to 3,000 global plant species, including 200 endemic to Macaronesia, it boasts over 15,000 specimens and a rare bird sanctuary. The excursion ends in front of your Cruiseship .

Please note: The price for the private tour does not include the cost of the entrance at Gardens.

Open Daily – 9h30 to 17h30


  • 7.50€ (Adult)
  • 3.00€ (Children)
  • Free (Children under 6)

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