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One of the most famous Half Day Tours, stop by 2 amazing viewpoints with magnificent views to Funchal and to Nuns Valley, a unique village!

Points of Interest

  • Pico dos Barcelos Viewpoint
  • Eira do Serrado Viewpoint
  • Nuns Valley


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Vehicle 1 to 4 pax


Vehicle 5 to 8 pax

Tour Itinerary

Pico dos Barcelos Viewpoint

High above the hotel zone is a tree topped belvedere. Pico dos Barcelos has an observation point on the edge of Funchal, it is 355m (1165 ft). There’s a magnificent view across Funchal from the top of the viewpoint. The nuns valley tour will then hen take the old narrow, very winding road, up through the eucalyptus forest until Eira do Serrado, absorbing the picturesque view of the peaks.

Eira do Serrado Viewpoint

The viewpoint at Eira do Serrado offers breathtaking views over Curral das Freiras, a valley encased by steep peaks. Previously thought to be a volcanic crater, its unique shape actually results from erosion. The area is rich in agriculture, with terraces of wine, fruits, vegetables, and sweet chestnut trees below.

Nuns Valley

We then Head down in to the Village of Nuns Valley – Curral das Freiras it is one of the most spectacularly situated rural settlements on the island. It is situated in a huge natural amphitheatre, surrounded by some of Madeira’s highest peaks. The village was founded in the sixteenth century by the nuns of the convent of “Santa Clara” in Funchal, from where the nuns fled from pirate attacks in 1566. The centre of the village is situated on a small rise in the middle of the valley. Leaving Nuns Valley you head to your ship.

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